White Fillings

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Fillings – It’s a word that sends shivers down the spines of many people – but that needn’t be the case in this day and age. Technological advancements have not just improved the materials used but also the method. We have a range of pain management and sedation options available to our clients to help make treatments as painless and stress-free as possible. Popping in to get a tooth filling in MBM Dental Care in your lunch break is a reality thanks to these advancements and our convenient location.

MBM Dental Care is a mercury-free practice, meaning Dr Farida Shah will not use dental amalgam (a material composed of mercury, silver, tin and copper) to restore your teeth. When your teeth do need filling, we have a range of options that offer strong and highly aesthetic solutions that are far more natural looking than amalgam or gold fillings.

Tooth Filling

dentist-MBM-Dental Care

Composite Resin

Composite fillings are bonded to the tooth and research has proven them to be about 90% as strong as healthy, natural tooth material.

Ceramic Inlays

Using our CEREC CAD/CAM system

Other Benefits:

  • Beautiful in appearance
  • Completed in a single visit
  • No filling leaks
  • Less chance of tooth cracking

Choose a dentist in MBM Dental Care that will change your opinion of visiting dentists – choose MBM Dental Care.