The Latest Technology

As you would expect, Dr Shah  and our team are skilled in the use of the best technologies available to optimise your treatment comfort and outcomes. We are committed to the delivery of an outstanding level of customer service and patient care, with thorough communication of all relevant information regarding your diagnosis and proposed treatment.

We utilise the most advanced technologies to provide the very best dental care possible today.

Digital Dental Photography

This is a very important Diagnostic , Education  and  A  motivational tool.

you need to see it to believe it. Believing brings better understanding. Better Understanding  promotes good motivation. This motivation helps in maintain the good Oral health achieved. As simple as that.

Onsite digital intraoral camera helps the patient to see the images of the teeth and oral tissues which is very hard to see regularly. This helps the patient to understand the oral health easily as they could see it properly. This also provided after treatment look to keep the patients motivated about maintain their oral health.

3D Imaging

Cone beam 3D imaging is a breakthrough diagnostic technology in dentistry.

Cone beam CT scanning is a compact, faster version of regular CT. The use of a cone shaped x-ray beam allows a dramatic reduction in the size of the scanner, the radiation dosage and the time needed for scanning. However, sometimes regular CT is required. In order to provide the best possible images and diagnosis, we utilise a specialist Radiologist nearby for these services.

Digital X-Rays

Digital radiographs (x-rays) enable us to detect cavities in between your teeth, precisely determine the bone level and assess the health of the bone.

We also examine the roots and nerves of teeth, diagnose lesions, as well as assess damage following trauma. With digital imaging, exposure time is about 50% less compared to traditional radiographs and results are visible on screen almost instantaneously. We have digital x-ray units in each of our surgeries.

VELscope Sapphire plus Oral cancer screening

VELscope is a new way to detect oral cancer and other abnormal cells inside of your oral cavity. Powered by Sapphire Plus Lesion Detection, VELscope allows us to detect oral cancer at its earliest stages. When cancerous and pre-cancerous lesions are detected early, we have a greater chance of successful prevention, treatment, and recovery. Early detection is essential for successfully preventing and treating cancer – it could save your life! Using this system is painless and non-invasive, as part of our commitment to patient comfort. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with our skilled dentist, Dr. Shah , if you have not been to the dentist in a while. We want to consistently ensure your smile is free from anything that could endanger you.

Bite Evaluation

A successful Dental Transformation which creates a brand new smile or a better bite (occlusion) requires meticulous planning and expertise. Alterations to tooth position and form can affect the gums, smile, lips and face as well as the jaw joints, jaw muscles and functions such as chewing and speaking. Detailed knowledge of these interrelated effects and the effect of grinding and clenching habits are required before intervention should be considered.