Are your teeth yellow?


Are your teeth yellow or discoloured?
These days, everyone wants a white, bright smile and Dr Shah can help you reach that goal using the latest dental techniques and technology. Take advantage of our Free Examination offer and hear about all the solutions possible.

Our teeth naturally yellow and darken as we age and further discoloration can also occur from drinking coffee and red wine, smoking cigarettes and other lifestyle factors.

In addition, staining caused by treatment with tetracycline-based antibiotics as a child causes people much concern and taking other medications can also discolour our teeth.

Professional cleaning and polishing of your teeth at your regular six-month check-up at our practice always help to brighten your smile.

A far more dramatic change results from teeth whitening using the latest Philips Zoom! Whitespeed teeth whitening system that we use at  MBM Dental Care and in around an hour, your smile can be lifted 8-15 shades whiter.

If cleaning and professional whitening cannot change the colour of your teeth to your satisfaction, then a further option is to consider dental veneers. Veneers place a thin porcelain or ceramic layer on the face of your teeth that can completely change the colour, texture and shape of your teeth.